Short Term Care Insurance Gap

The Short Term Care Insurance Gap–Where Do You Stand?

Unless you have an up-to-date insurance agent trained in the needs for Short Term Care Insurance, you won’t know.

Sadly, millions of people are finding out that their existing insurance policies have some significant areas that are not covered.

And…millions of Americans who have Medicare are finding out that what they assumed was an automatic twenty days of skilled care following a hospital stay, are instead finding out that they are not in line to receive that benefit.  This creates a severe economic burden for most people, which can be solved ahead of time by Short Term Care Insurance.

Here are some items which should be addressed regarding the STCI insurance gap:

  • what those insurance needs are
  • how Short Term Care Insurance works
  • why you may not qualify for the Medicare “Extended Care” benefit
  • why this product is important to people considering retirement
  • why this product is important to people age 40+
  • why this product is different from Long Term Care Insurance
  • how to contact an insurance agent to get more information

Short Term Care Facts


“We’re not wealthy, and we can’t afford a full-blown Long Term Care Insurance policy, but we would like some coverage to protect what we do have in a case of recovery, convalescence, or rehabilitation.”

Your group health or major medical insurance, or Medicare and a Medicare Supplement may cover your medical costs, but who pays for recovery costs during your rehabilitation or convalescence?  STCI will !!!

It only takes one day to get the bad news, but it may take months to recover.”

Won’t happen to you?  Here are just a few examples.  Please consider.

1)  Stroke—  In age 40-60 age band, stroke incidence is up.  71 percent of

people will survive one year or more after their first stroke.  500,000 people

each year suffer a stroke for the first time.  That’s one every 53 seconds.  4.5

million people today are stroke survivors  (American Heart Association)


2)  Heart—  1.1 million heart attacks per year.  One every 29 seconds.

  • 88% of heart attack patients under 65 are able to return to work.
  • 76% of men and 58% of women will survive 1 year or more after having a heart attack.
  • About 15 million people alive today have a history of heart attack, angina pectoris, or both  (American Heart Association)


3)  Cancer—  Incidence up—Death rate down.  1 in 2 men will develop some

form of cancer in their lives.  1 in 3 women.  10 million people today are

cancer survivors  (American Cancer Society)

4)  Knee replacements— (Arthroplasty)  Up 130 times in 30 years.

5)  Hip replacements—  Becoming more common in age 50-70 group.

BUT, THE BIG QUESTION REMAINS—  Who pays for surviving?  Who pays the care costs after the event?

REHABILITATION—CONVALESENCE—RECOVERY—  That’s what Short Term Care Insurance is all about !!!

Short Term Care

Short Term Care is not currently available in every state, but in the states that offer this type of benefit it is becoming increasingly popular.

Long Term Care Insurance has long been out of reach for many Americans, and in-fact overall is a struggling industry as people live longer and health care becomes more expensive at the same time.

Many people have turned to short term care insurance as an opportunity to get needed coverage at a price point one can afford.

There are so many costs to consider as one ages, and many people think that their Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and their Medicare Gap plan will cover them. What they don’t think of is all the expenses that may not get covered, leaving the estate or family to bear.

This is why there are so many options available for you:

  • Short Term Care Insurance to cover extended stays
  • Final Expense coverage to help off set the last expenses like burial, grave sites and services. As well as end of life bills not covered by Medicare or Medigap.
  • Doughnut Hole coverage, to help fill in the short gaps that the Medicare system allows for.
  • And so on…..

The best advice we can give you, is EDUCATION! The more information you have the better you can make decisions for your future.

We have teamed up with an industry leader of over 40 years RON IVERSON to provide you with ongoing information and guidance.