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Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance


Short Term Health Insurance

One of our most popular plans for consumers of all ages.

Senior Short Term Health Insurance

When individuals retire, they often lose their health care benefits and are left waiting for medicare to kick in, This is a great time to look into a short term health insurance plan, as is is designed to cover the gap that has been left exposed between the group insurance world and the medicare insurance that will start when most people turn 65.


Student Short Term Health Insurance

Many children may not be on their parents plan, or have aged off their parents plan and are waiting for their own personal health insurance to start with their new employer. Many times a new job, brings a gap in medical insurance from 30-180 days, and a short term plan will be perfect to cover that exposed gap.

Between Jobs Short Term Health Insurance

In todays economy, individuals may change jobs every year to follow that next big opportunity, leaving them and their family exposed to the BETWEEN JOB MEDICAL GAP, that happens when one group plan


Short Term Extended Stay Insurance

There are many reasons one would purchase a extended stay policy, to cover what medicare does not cover toward end of life or to fill in the gap when a major medical insurance plan runs out of benefits. We have insurance plans that offer the insured cash directly to them to help off set those expenses or we have plans that will go along side your other benefits, that pay directly to the provider, home or nursing home.

There are also NURSING HOME and STAY AT HOME insurance options available as added-ons or in addition to your Short term health insurance.